Swells of linens, elaborate meals, captivating aromas - Catrine’s passion for food and beauty stems from these simple yet integral first memories.  Born in Paris and raised in Montreal, a luxurious sense of food manifested itself early.  After graduating from Concordia University with a BFA in the visual arts, she moved to Boston during the exciting time of the Nouvelle Cuisine explosion in the early eighties.  She worked with one of the top restaurateurs of the city who was pivotal in nurturing the renaissance of the Boston food scene.  With a fervor for food, design and beauty, she continued her interest in painting.  It was an exciting time and the beginning of a pursuit to combine these eclectic elements of beauty into her personal medium.

For the past decade, food styling has allowed Catrine to combine her artistic eye with her culinary knowledge.  She understands the strength of team building and diligence on the job.  Each new assignment is met with equal enthusiasm, humor, and vitality.